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Building Strong Foundations

Constructing roads, bridges, and buildings with precision and expertise. We believe in laying the groundwork for a better future.

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Crushing It for Quality

Producing high-grade crushed stone for robust construction. Our process ensures durability and strength in every project.

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Connecting Industries

Facilitating the trade of essential minerals and metals, powering industries with quality materials. Your trusted partner in the supply chain.

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From Quarry to Construction Site

Supplying top-quality sand and gitty for construction projects. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing ensures consistency and reliability

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Unlocking the Power of Minerals

Processing manganese ore for various industrial applications. We are committed to delivering excellence in mineral processing.

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Welcome to VR Construction

Where Quality Meets Excellence, and Where We're Building a Better Future.

V.R. Construction, a proprietorship concern, specializes in critical infrastructure projects, with a primary focus on road construction. We’ve garnered contracts from diverse companies and excel in building roads, bridges, buildings, and earthwork.

Our commitment extends to road maintenance, involving processes like stone crushing, mixing with bitumen/concrete, and precise application using rollers, pavers, finishers, and dumpers. The demand for such services is significant in our local area.

With a dedicated and cooperative staff, bolstered by a highly efficient workforce, we ensure seamless project execution. Together, we work with unwavering team spirit, striving for excellence in every endeavor.

Constriction work

Building Excellence with Core Values

Connect with VR Construction, where sustainability meets safety. We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our employees, ensuring efficient and effective work. Your inquiries are important to us, reach out and let’s build a safer and sustainable future together

Our Specialization

From roads to minerals, VR Construction is your partner in excellence. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart, ensuring your projects stand as benchmarks in construction.
Civil Construction Work

road construction, bridge development, and building construction etc.

Sand and Gitty Supply and Manufacturing

your go-to source for premium-quality sand and gitty

Processing of Manganese ore.

providing essential raw materials for various industrial applications

Trading of Major and Minor Minerals and Metals

With market expertise, VR Construction seamlessly connects industries with quality resources

Manufacturing of crushed stone.

delivering durable materials that form the backbone of robust construction projects

Visionary Leadership

At the helm of VR Construction stands Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali, a seasoned leader with over 15 years of profound experience in the construction industry. His visionary guidance has been instrumental in steering VR Construction towards excellence. A risk-taker by nature, Mr. Ali not only manages and oversees every construction project but also holds two natural stone mines, reflecting his commitment to innovation and growth
Great things need patience—this philosophy fuels our journey at VR Construction, where we strive for excellence in every project
Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali

Our Recent Projects

Witness the excellence crafted by VR Construction, where each project is a testament to precision, innovation, and a commitment to building a sustainable future.

Bridge Construction


Supply Crushed Stone


Building Construction


Road Construction

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